Scattered Immigrants: The Sacred Power of La Familia in “Fast & Furious”

Between Frames

It’s tough being a film snob and loving a movie like Fast Five. There’s a lot of flak involved. It’s never an easy conversation—at least not from my end. Lots of people see a franchise as ostensibly silly as the Fast and Furious series and all of a sudden, as if it were some kind of physiological prerogative, their lips curl up over their teeth and reveal a mouth full of snark and irony: “You love the Fast series…? You sure about that?” Even more disheartening are the people—or rather, “haters”—who come at me with complaints and generalities of how the cars overshadow the movies’ flesh-and-blood characters, while, in the same breath, admitting that they’ve never seen any of the movies.

I love this franchise. I love its sentiment. I love what it claims to evoke, which is—as purely as can be—a declaration of family and bonding. I don’t…

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Whatever Happened to Wim Wenders’ Project to Adapt Percy’s The Second Coming?



A few months ago I made a posting concerning Wim Wenders, Peter Handke and Walker Percy. In conversation/correspondence with a filmmaker chum I mentioned that of all Percy’s novels The Thanatos Syndrome would be the most translatable into the modality that is film since it works brilliantly and disturbingly as a thriller on a purely surface level. My second choice of adaptation would be The Second Coming (in my view the most optimistic of his novels) which my chum informed me that apparently Wenders was working on. Googling this, all I came across was this now six year old squib. So in all probability given what I know about the film business, this ain’t gonna happen.

Speaking of Wenders, his biography is not that dissimilar to Percy. According to his Wiki entry:

He then studied medicine (1963–64) and philosophy (1964–65) in Freiburg and Düsseldorf. However, he dropped out of university studies…

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